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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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  • If we just look at the people who have made it big in their lives , we would know that everyone of ’em was passionate about what they do or have done. Many of us fail to make it there just because we are too scared to take a chance to do something which is not in vogue or something we are not expected to do at this period of time and therefore we inculcate a belief that its not worth jeopardizing our career for something, which we aren’t sure ’bout. One common trait in successful people is that they are always cock sure about what they want and hence they start connecting dots on how they are going to achieve it from the instance it occurred to ’em that they want it.

Most of us get influenced easily by the stuff we watch and hear from fellow beings. Although its human to perceive things the way we do but with the right skills we can learn how to perceive things as we should, not as we do. And the moment you get influenced from your outer environment , you react to it whether positively or negatively depends upon how u have perceived it. And when u react to something in a undesirable manner or in a negative way , u think its only u who is reacting that way but u fail to recognize that every iota of energy u hold , every cell of ur body is reacting in the same way…NO?

However , there are some patterns where a part of you resist to synchronize with the ongoing process in your body. For example- sometimes u must have felt that your mind and heart are contradicting each other..and in this case you become three different being in one body for a momentarily situation. And this causes divide in your energy as well and therefore you fail to take wise decision. If your mind ,heart and soul are in harmony with each other at every moment then u don’t get confused when it comes to choosing something over other, you take decisions which put you in a better place, nothing stimulates your behavioral patterns..which further keeps you conscious all the time.

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